2017-2018 Mini Radiant Dance Company: Gems & Emeralds

Mini Dance Company Parent Meeting

Required for all parents and dancers auditioning for the 2017-2018 Mini Dance Company.

Tuesday, May 16th 2017

6:30pm at Radiant Dance Studio

Mini Radiant Dance Company 2017-2018

Mission Statement

The Mini Radiant Dance Company works to build dancer confidence, performance and skills by giving them more performance opportunities throughout the season.

Expectations and Attendance

Minis are required to attend class and rehearsals.  Two excused absences will be allowed per semester.

Gem & Emerald MDC

Solo, Duo, Trio and Group Auditions

$75 non-refundable audition fee due at the beginning of auditions

  • 1st- 4th grade dancers will participate in auditions.

June 16th, 2017
6:00-6:30pm                    Registration/Warm Up
6:30-7:30pm                    Learn Jazz/Musical Theater
7:30-8:30pm                    Learn Contemporary

June 17th, 2017
1:00-2:00pm                    Review and Audition Jazz/Musical Theater
2:00-3:00pm                    Review and Audition Contemporary

June 18th, 2017
1:00-2:00pm                    Learn Hip Hop
2:00-3:00pm                    Audition Hip Hop

Results will be posted and dancers will be enrolled by July 1, 2017.

Summer Requirements

  • Must attend Auditions (June 16th-June 18th) – $75.
  • Must attend the MDC Workshop Weekend (July 8th-9th) – $75
  • Must be enrolled in MDC Summer classes (July 11th-August 10th) – $140
    • You will be enrolled automatically after auditions.  There is no need to do this on your own.
    • Tuesday 5:30-6:30  Ballet/Stretch
    • Tuesday 6:30-7:15 Combo – Hip Hop, Jazz or Contemporary each week
    • Thursday 5:30-6:30 Ballet/Stretch
    • Thursday 6:30-7:15 Leaps and Turns

Fall-Spring Classes

  • You will be automatically enrolled in classes after auditions.  There is no need to enroll on your own.
  • Must be enrolled in Ballet
  • Must be enrolled in Combo – Hip Hop/Jazz/Contemporary
  • Must be enrolled in Ballet/Stretch
  • Must be enrolled in Leaps & Turns
Classes Hours per week
Ballet Class 1.00 $48/month
Combo Class 1.00 $40/month
Ballet/Stretch 0.75 $12/month
Leaps & Turns 0.75 $12/month
Total     3.50 $112/month

Group Dance

  • *NEW for 2017-2018:  Group rehearsals will be held on the weekend.
  • Dancers will be placed in Jazz, Hip Hop, Musical Theater and/or Contemporary dances
  • Dancers are required to compete in at least 2 group dances
  • Gems and Emeralds will compete at 3 local competitions in Kansas, Oklahoma or Nebraska
# of group dances
Hours per week
2 Groups 1.00 $20/month
3 Groups 1.50 $30/month
4 Groups 2.00 $40/month

Solo/Duo/Trio Program (Optional)

  • Gems and Emeralds can compete with a solo, duo or trio at 3 competitions.
  • Solo, duo and trio rehearsals will be held before class or on Sunday.
Hours per week
1 solo 0.5 hours $30/month
1 Duo 0.5 hours $20/month
1 Trio 0.5 hours $20/month


Competition Requirements

  • Gems and Emeralds will compete at 3 competitions in Kansas, Oklahoma and Nebraska
  • Entry fees are paid to the competitions.  All entry fees will be charged to accounts in September and are due by January so dancers can be enrolled in competitions.
Competition 1
Competition 2
Competition 3
Group dance (per dance) $45-$50 $45-$50 $45-50
Solo $110 $100 $110
Duo $65-$70 $65-$70 $65-$70
Trio $65-$70 $65-$70 $65-$70


  • Costumes will be $100-200 for each dance.
  • A costume deposit of $100 will be charged to accounts in September and is due paid by October.
  • The deposit will be credited back to accounts as costumes are finalized and final costume charges are charged to accounts.
  • Costume Fees cover costumes, rhinestones, headpieces and accessories.
  • Some accessories may be used in more than one dance, reducing costs for families.
  • Some pieces of the costume may be “rented” from the studio for the competition season and must be returned at the end of the season.  Dancers will be billed for the full amount of any piece not returned at the end of the season.  This will also reduce the cost for families.

Make-up, Hair, Shoes and Jacket

  • Dancers are required to purchase the required style of shoes for the competition dance.
  • Dancers are required to attend hair and make-up class and purchase company make-up $30-$65.
  • Dancers are required to purchase a competition jacket $90.

Spray Tans

  • Dancers are required to get a spray tan before each show and competition.  Spray tans are done at the studio for $12.  Double dips are $15.  Please tip if possible.

MDC/RDC Showcase and Spring Show

  • Dancers will perform their competition dance in the RDC showcase held in February and the spring show in June 2018.  (Solos perform at the MDC/RDC showcase only).
  • A $50 per family per show fee will be charged to accounts.


  • Gems and Emeralds are required to attend convention.
  • Convention is a weekend of dance classes taught by professional instructors.
  • The convention will be in Kansas City and is a weekend event that requires overnight stay in a hotel.
  • Convention usually costs around $250, depending on the convention.
  • The purpose of convention is to diversify the dancers’ learning and enhance their overall skills.
  • Dates and times will be announced at a later date.

Studio Prop Fee

  • A prop fee of $35 for each Gem and Emerald will be charged to accounts in September.  This allows the studio to provide high quality props for a large variety of dances for the 2017-2018 season.